A lonely rich man is told the secrets of his past
from a boy who cannot speak.

Norian/Boznos Productions©

Story and Lyrics:    Dean Boznos
Music:    Gary Norian
Orchestration:    Brad Sayles

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by Miriam Nemcova

A musical in 2 Acts featuring 15 songs

Two intertwined love stories that
unfold over four days before Christmas:
one ending, and one beginning-
both revealed by a speechless child.


At closing time on Christmas Eve, a bookstore suddenly becomes a refuge during a snowstorm. Stranded there by their broken down bus, a family with young raucous children and a small disparate group of passengers face a disappointing evening together. In an effort to comfort and calm the wild children, the bookseller tells them the Christmas story of David Fuziwink. The children are soon absorbed in the seemingly childish tale, but it's the adults who ultimately act worse than the children. Realizing the tale is actually two separate yet intertwined mysteries, the adults begin to engage in their own ways, and although no one understands the parallels at first, their personalities relate to facets of the characters in the story being told.

Fuziwink” is first and foremost a love story, two actually, but it’s also a two-tiered mystery. Questions and twists abound following Fuziwink’s and a homeless boy’s journey to answer what really happened to each other, and what became, or will become, of those they love. As their unlikely friendship develops, interaction with the troubled mute boy triggers flashbacks from Fuziwink's repressed past. While remembering, Fuziwink duets with his younger self and quartets with others from his past and future. All the storylines, even those developing within the bookstore, merge and resolve into one larger overlapping theme: perseverance is hope… fueled by love.

The music is the brainchild of Gary Norian, orchestrated by Grammy winning Brad Sayles, and conducted by Prague Philharmonic's Miriam Nemcova.


Complete Credits and Performers:






Orchestra & European Recording:

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Conducted by Miriam Nemcova

Recorded at Smecky Music Studio, Prague

Recording Engineer: Vitek Kral

Translator and Music Assistant: Stanja Vomackova

Orchestra Contractor and Session Supervision: James Fitzpatrick for Tadlow Music Ltd



Old Fuziwink - Kenneth Gayle (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

Mrs. Carol - Julia K Laskowski (track 3, 6, 12)

Darla - Lauren MacDonald (tracks 1, 7)

Young Fuziwink - Aaron Strack (tracks 1, 7,9)

Grant - Sean Holshouser (tracks 11, 12)

Camille - Camille Reese (tracks 11, 12)


 American Production & Recording:

Recording Engineer (Vocals): Glenn Wheeler

Album Produced by Brad Sayles

Executive Producer: Marie Taylor Bosarge


Recording Ensemble Choir:

Steve Duson

Sherry Duson

Will Duson

Gracie Duson

Michael Gott

Jarrod Hageman

Julienne Maguire

Vonda Scott

Andrea Robertson

Elise Shoss

Johathan Vaughan


Recording Children's Ensemble

Julia Harfenist

Tessa Harfenist

Gabriel Martinez-Cross

Olive Norian

Lily Harty




Graphics,  Album Art

Dean Boznos


Creative Team & Performers are detailed on the
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Norian/Boznos Productions© 2016